Thursday, February 15, 2007

"Energy and persistence conquer all things."

Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790)


Blogger Michelle said...

Enough time and energy can move mountains or even destroy a planet.

I'm not sure that's what this is saying but I think that change is inevitable; it is, perhaps, just quicker to come with energy and persistence.

10:20 AM  
Blogger puggimer said...

You keep working at it (energy) and don't give up (persistence) and you suceed.

Which is why we have a cure for cancer, flying cars, free energy, and chocolate that tastes wonderful and has no calories.

But I guess we just aren't persistent enough yet. :-)

I just think that so many of these are such pie-in-the-sky platitudes, that really have no bearing on real life. There are just so many situations that these absolutes don't apply to. Not all dreams can come true. Not all problems can be solved. Bad things happen to good people, and Bad people get away with things all the time.

However, I do think the reverse of this saying is an absolute truth.

Doing nothing and giving up quickly gains you absolutely nothing!

10:44 AM  
Blogger Michelle said...

I'm not so sure that these are just platitudes that have no bearing on life.

I currently have 10 students in my classroom. 8 of these live in a residential group home, one lives in a foster home, and the last one lives with family. 90% of my kids have experienced physical, mental, and/or sexual abuse already in their young lives. They know that life sucks and that some people do horrible things to innocent kids.

They are already well educated in the "bad" aspects of life and actually need some help in seeing that anything positive is even possible in their lives or the world around them.

That's why these tend to focus on positive aspects.

9:00 AM  

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