Friday, January 19, 2007

"If you rest, you rust."

Helen Hayes (1900 - 1993)


Blogger Michelle said...

I think this is more about state-of-mind or purpose than it is about physical movement.

Helen Hayes acted from age 5 until she was 85. She passed away at the age of 93. She, obviously, kept herself busy and continued to have purpose well past the expected age of retirement.

Speaking of retirement, many areas of the world do not even recognize that concept. They work until they can no longer work and cannot conceive of doing anything different.

I hope that my life is filled with learning and that I continue to seek what is out there - wisdom, clarity, and purpose.

There's plenty of time for "rest" when this life is over.

9:29 AM  
Blogger Bernie said...

I couldn't agree with you more, Michelle. I am very active in an improv comedy group and there are a few of us that are "getting on in years". Just yesterday, the man I love asked me if we were "getting too old for this". I very quickly assured him that you're never too old to have fun.

I think there's a quote that goes, something like "It's a shame that youth is wasted on the young." In many ways, I concur.

10:54 AM  
Blogger teresa said...

The body is designed for movement & motion.

4:21 AM  
Blogger puggimer said...

In a practical instead of philosophical sense, I've found it interesting that I have less energy when I'm not doing anything. I'm much more tired sitting around the house doing nothing than when I'm busy all day.

7:33 AM  

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